House Of House / Rushing To Parade / The Rough Half (Whatever We Want Records)
Food Of Gods / Boy From Brasil (Whatever We Want Records)
Bobbie Marie / Choo Choo Train / Ship Overboard (Whatever We Want Records)
Godsy / Godsy 2 (Whatever We Want Records)
Tiger & Woods / Hole In One EP (Editainment)
Minimono / Stay Away (Love Letters From Oslo)
La Pena / La Pena 003 (La Pena)
Catz 'N Dogz / Sunset In The East (Mothership)


By H.M


Nima Gorji / Einzelkind / I Got Something (Love Letters From Oslo)
Sascha Dive / Johnny D / Midnight Blues / Paco Mana (Love Letters From Oslo)
Laverne Radix / Dick Control (Love Letters From Oslo)
Catz 'N Dogz / SF & 2 (Mothership)
Catz 'N Dogz / Omanko (Mothership)
Phil Kieran / Boxes Of Black (Flying Cabbage)
Sharam / Crazi (DCI)
Jens Zimmermann / Reduction, Seduction (Harthouse)
Zimmermann / #2 (Hi Freaks)
Jerome Sydenham / Darkroom (UK Promotions)
Carl Craig & Ricardo Villalobos / Recomposed Remixes (Deutsche Grammophon)
Dirk Lamprecht / Bazar EP (Kailash)
Minilogue / Mr. Mustafa (Minilogue)
Sascha Dive / Deepest America (Ornaments)
LNR / Work It To The Bone (House Jam)
Hercules / 7 Ways (Dance Mania)
V.A. / Boxoffice 001 (Boxoffice)
Mike Burns / Everybody's Mantra (Disco Devil)
Quixote Feat. Lisa Li Lund / Before I Started To Dance (Versatile)
Major Problems / Nu Grooves II / Overdose (Tu Rong)
Runaway / Brooklyn Club Jam (Rekids)
DJ Pierre aka Master Blaster / I've Lost Control (Gigolo)
Christian Smith & John Selway / Total Departure (Drumcode)
Mark Knight & Funkagenda / Man With The Red Face (Toolroom Trax)
Pigon / Marcel Dettmann / Kamm (Beatstreet)
Cassy / A Guy Called Gerald / Somelightuntothenight / Bodecka (Beatstreet)
Levon Vincent / Invibible Bitch Slap (Deconstruct)
Ahmet Sisman / Yakin Ve (Stock 5 Limited)
Sutekh / Influenza B EP (Stock 5 Limited)
The Doors / Riders On The Storm (Elektra)
Smobee / Elektronic Boogie (8 Track)
John Roberts / Bodywork (Feel Music)
John Roberts / Hesitate (Dial)
Dubbyman Ft. Jus Ed / Strange Day EP (Deep Explorer)
John Tejada / Fractals (Palette)
Kapuchon & Benny Rodrigues / Unexpected E.P. (Beyond)
Gonno / I Don't Need Competion (Beyond)
V.A. / Saturday I'm In Love Part 2 (Diynamic Music)
V.A. / Saturday I'm In Love Part 1 (Diynamic Music)
Jose Gonzalez / In Our Nature Remixes (Peacefrog)
City Reverb / The Alternative Remix EP (Dumb Angel Records)
Fabio Giannelli / Trinidad E Tobago (Thirtyonetwenty)
Terrence Dixon / Change / Below Radar (Children Of Tommorow)
Larsson / Tiny Tools (Hi Freaks)
Samklang / Ich Zeig Dir Wie Remixes! (Snork Enterprises)
Boris Horel / Is That A Yes? EP (Supernature)
Vrajitoroo / Din Nou Lar (Viva Music)
Rinder & Lewis / Mighty Clouds Of Joy / Anger / Time (Underdog Edits)
Greg Wilson / RVNG of the NRDS Vol. 7 (RVNG)
V.A. / Low Down Dirty (Par-Tay)
Drrtyhaze / Superhigh (Tirk)
Alice Coltrane / Compiled by Slow to Speak (Impulse!)
Brian Eno / Compiled by Slow to Speak (Editions Gold)
Joe Jackson / Compiled by Slow To Speak (A & M)
Charles Earland / Leaving This Planet (Compiled By Slow To Speak) (Prestige)
Don Cherry / Compiled by Slow To Speak (A & M)
Mars Volta / Compiled By Slow To Speak (Universal)
Imps / Remixed Vol.3 (Mule Electronic)
Dyed Soundorom vs Brothers' Vibe / Con Leche (Freak n' Chic Monoside)
Kris Wadsworth / State And Griswold (Adult Only)
Okain / 717 EP (Tsuba)
David Keno / Discoteca (Kindisch)
Kevin Saunderson / History Elevate 5 (KMS)
Mr.G / Back A Yard (Oproof)
Butch / Dark Fader (AFU Ltd)
Crowdpleaser & Ly Sander / Walking Home EP (Drumpoet Community)
Kawabata / Persuasion (Drumpoet Community)
DJ Aakmael / Music EP (Uzuri Recordings)
Vakula / Hohol (Uzuri Recordings)
Mr. Statik / Feelarmonics EP (Immigrant)
Subb-an / Corridors Of Life (Immigrant)
Loco Dice / Remixes Pt.1 (Desolat)
V.A. / Hooksey Vol.1 (Eklo)
Mirco Violi & Federico Grazzini / Strange Folks (Aloe)
Miss Jools / La Luna (Mobilee)
And.ID / Sand On The Floor (Mobilee)
Boola / Keep It Dirty EP (Lomidhigh Organic)
Boola / Astroceva EP (Lomidhigh Organic)
Martinez / Organic Theme EP (Lomidhigh Organic)
V.A. / Disko Real Right Part 4 (Galaxy Sound Company)
V.A. / Disko Real Right Part 3 (Galaxy Sound Company)
V.A. / Disko Real Right Part 1 (Galaxy Sound Company)
Anorak Edits / Anorak Edits 001 (Anorak Edits)
Anorak Edits / Anorak Edits 002 (Anorak Edits)
Boogie Corporation / Magnetificect Disco (Disco Deviance)
Disco Deviance / Goin' Crazy / Hello Herbie (Disco Deviance)
Windsurf / Windsurf EP (Internasjonal)
Smith & Mudd / The Delivery Man (Claremont 56)
Blackbelt Andersen / Lordag (Claremont 56)
Mudd & Pollard / Scaffold / Tako Yaki (Claremont 56)
Oblio / Principle Of Discovery (Codek)
Soft Rocks / Umut 2000 / Slowdown (Soft Rocks)
Desmond & The Tutus / Kiss You On The Cheek (Tigersushi)
Moby / I Love To Move In Here - Part 2 (Turbo)



HATTORI(pigeon records)


by SBT



Code 718 / Equinox - Henrik Schwarz 2009 Remixes (Strictry Rhythm)
Basti Grub / Gelt #5 (Geregelt)
Basti Grub / Gelt #3 (Geregelt)
V.A. / Epic Disco Vol.1 (Rollerboys)
Jens Lekman / Sipping On The Sweet Nectar (Rollerboys)
V.A. / Secretsundaze Vol 2 Album Sampler A (Secretsundaze)
Sensitiva / Viola Tricolor (Secretsundaze)
Martinez / Le Cirkus (Moon Harbour)
Chymera / Sumatra (Figure)
Adam Beyer & Planetary Assault System / Simulated Usage / Mod (Figure)
Dimi Angelis & Jeroen Search / Lunar / Jupiter (Figure)
Masomenos / Matou EP (Welcome To Masomenos)
Masomenos / Floppy (Welcome To Masomenos)
Serge Santiago / Atto D'Amore (Original) (Arcobaleno)
Lullabies In The Dark / Iridium (Permanent Vacation)
Pram / Prisoner Of The Seven Pines (Domino)
Double Exposure / Every Man Has To Carry His Own Weight (D.B. Edits)
Ashford & Simpson / Gichy Dan / Found A Cure / Cowboy And Gansters (D.B. Edits)
2nd Avenue Rhumba Band / Deputy Of Love (D.B. Edits)
Born Ruffians / Remixes (Warp)
Williams / Love On A Real Train (Love Triangle Music)
Matias Aguayo / Minimal (Kompakt)
Amp Fiddler & Sly & Robbie / Black House (Strut)
Diesel & Jarvis / Moton 025 (Moton)
Creative Use / Beam Me Up / Are You Jeff Vader? (Creative Use)
Weirdo Police / Full Moon & Thunder (Redux)
BC / Konked Out Re-Edits (Redux)
Greg Wilson / Hardcore Boogie (Redux)
Downtown Party Network / Days Like These (Eskimo Recordings)
Wareika / Belonging (Eskimo Recordings)
Wareika / Seamless EP (Future Classic)
DJ Yellow / The Beauty & The Beast EP (Electro-Choc)
Mickey Moonlight / Interplanetary Music (Ed Banger)
V.A. / Remake Vol.2 (Remake Musique)
Mark Knight & Funkagenda / Man With The Red Face (Toolroom Trax)
Layo & Bushwacka! / Djembe Re-Work (Olmeto)
Dubfire & Oliver Huntemann / Dios (Ideal Audio)
Ahmet Sisman / Yakin Ve (Stock 5 Limited)
V.A. / Inversion 6 (Geophone)
Riz MC / Radar (Crosstown Rebels)
Pom Pom / Pom Pom 32 (Pom Pom)
Ellen Allien / Caress / Ondu (Bpitch Control)
Man-D.A. / No Digital 01 (No Digital)
Man-D.A. / Goldseries 4 (Godlseries)
Bim Marx / Stronger (Love For Music)
Andy Ash / Carnival De L'sprit (Love For Music)
Johnny Hammond / Los Conquistadores Chocolate (East End)
Curtis Mayfield / Give Me Your Love (East End)
Deodato / Whistle Bump (East End)
Didier Marouani & Space / Running In The City (Black Pepper)
Disco & Co / Cold Coke (Tubetracks)
Massimiliano Pagliara / Transmissions Florales (Balihu)
Brothers' Vibe / Platter Sugar EP (Mixx Records)
Rezkar / Mediterranean Affair (Alterd Moods)
Finchley Road / Gimme The Music (Quark Records)
T.B.C. / Motor Town Madness (White)
Steel An' Skin / Afro Punk Reggae Dub (Honest Jons)
Wareika / Belonging (Eskimo Recordings)
Black Science Orchestra / JBO Revisited Vol.1 EP 1 (Junior Boys Own)
D.I.Y. / Pimp My Saw (Tuning Spork)
Kris Wadsworth / Deport This (Hypercolour)
Mr Raoul K / Jenseits (Baobab)
Cabin Fever / Trax Vol.2 (Rekids)
Italoboyz / Portucais (Trapez Limited)
Electric Colour / Electric Session (Komet Music)



by SBT



Brain Machine / Brain Machine (Thisisnotanexit)
Mystic Slot / Disco Adjustments (No Way Back) (Black Cock)
DJ Harvey / Love Hotel E.P. (Black Cock)
DJ Harvey / Love Hotel E.P. 2 (Black Cock)
DJ Harvey / Luna Party / Frog Scene (Black Cock)
Cordon Bleu / Many Dishes EP (Salon Records)
Salvatore Freda & Volta / Jono 6 / Bombolone / Molt In In Basso (Liebe & Detail)
Jan Driver / Kardamoon / Trains (Grand Petrol)
Pigon / Marcel Dettmann / Kamm (Beatstreet)
Phil Kieran / Boxes Of Black (Flying Cabbage)
Benjamin Brunn / 77 (Bine Music)
DJ Cole Medina / Medina's Magic / Cole Loves Your Indides Out (American Standard)
V.A. / Boxoffice 001 (Boxoffice)
Mr.V / Tales From The Deepside (Sole Channel)
Major Problems / Nu Grooves II / Overdose (Tu Rong)
Tommy Stewart / Bump & Hustle Music (Jazzman)
Mike Burns / Everybody's Mantra (Disco Devil)
V.A. / X7RX7R (Cellophane)
V.A. / Evolution (Director's Cut)
Beatconductor / Caribbean Path (Spicy)
Beatconductor / Jibaro (Spicy)
Circlesquare / Dancers / Music (White)
Tobias Becker / Nuff Un Nunna (Platzhirsch)
Jamy Wing / Que Pasa EP (Off)
Signore Dito & Molisans Brothers / Asi Baba (Big City Beats)
Sebastien San / Storm / Thunder (Echocord Colour)
Dirk Lamprecht / Bazar EP (Kailash)
Lee Van Dowski / Free For All Crash Endeavors (Num)
Soulphiction / The Chocolettes Two (Musik Krause)
James Braun / Spanish Fly (Tartelet)
Kidda / Under The Sun (Skint)
Mr. Statik / Feelarmonics EP (Immigrant)
Emmanuel / Indian Wallpaper EP (Be As One)
Andre Winter / Trauma (Ideal Audio)
Jerome Sydenham / Darkroom (UK Promotions)
FEOS vs MSO / Luv (Level Non Zero)
Pascal FEOS / Generator Child (Level Non Zero)
Skylark / Movin (NRK)
DJ Empty / Meaningless EP (Accidental)
Margaret Dygas / See You Around (Non Standard Productions)
Sutekh / Influenza B EP (Stock 5 Limited)
Matt John / Trampolin (Bar25)
Bjorn Torske / Kan Jeg Slippe? (Sex Tags Mania)

一連のBlack Cockの再発でくるかくるか、いくかいくかと思ってましたが、ついにNo Way Backまできちゃいました!号泣!って別に泣きはしませんが、やっぱりいつ聴いてもかっこよすぎますね。。そして瀧見社長が以前お店にいらっしゃった時も大プッシュしてたBrain Machine!これは買い逃したら泣きます、マジで。なんかだかサイケ状態です。こうなったら今日の一曲はもうコレしかないでしょう。ドーン!


by SBT



Jaunt / Lipstick (Work It Baby)
DJ Sprinkles / Brenda's $20 Dilemma (Mule Musiq)
DJ Sprinkles / Grand Central, Pt. 1 (Mule Musiq)
Pig & Dan / Terminate (Cocoon)
Jesse Rose Feat Hot Chip / Forget My Name (Dubsided)
Gorge / Garuna EP (8bit)
Audiofly / Plan B EP (8bit)
Johnny D / Requiem Of A Dream (8bit)
V.A. / EP (8bit)
Joe Montana / Sol Y Sombra EP (8bit)
DJ Wild / Wild Tools (Motivbank)
Barrientos & Corrado / Less Heat (Exun)
Crystal Re Clear / I'm Dancing (Tony Records)
Tom Browne / Trina Boussard / Funkin' For Jamaica / Inside My Love (K2 Edits)
Bonar Bradberry / Beat The Bed (Red Music)
Friendly Fires / Paris (XL Recordings)
Sam Taylor-Wood / I'm In Love With A German Film Star (Kompakt Pop)
Ferenc / Zambomba (Kompakt)
Ichisan / Global Pillage (Airtight)
Runaway / Brooklyn Club Jam (Rekids)
Sound Stream / "Live" Goes On (Sound Stream)
Estroe vs. ZoeXenia / Sweet Dreams EP (Connaisseur)
Shaka / Spring Day (Stattmusik)
L'ami / Les Chansons Du Zebra Dans Le Jardin Des Frameboises (Stattmusik)
Kalabrese / Huhnerfest (Stattmusik)
Sedat The Tukish Avenger / Genesis / Sunrise (Vulture)
Johnwaynes / Compost Black Label #38 (Compost Black Label)
Der Dritte Raum / Swing Bop (Save To Disc)
Roland Christoph / Ludovic Bendi / Limbo Remixed (Paradigma)
Italoboyz / Portucais (Trapez Limited)
Nu / Mo'Joe / Voca / Under Palm Trees (White)
Basti Grub / El Gitarrro (Merk Es Dir)
Robert Dietz & Markus Fix / Boston Shunsower (Cecille Numbers)
Ilario Alicante / Living Near Africa EP (Cecille)
Sis / Nesrib (Cecille)
Markus Fix / Cannibals (Cecille)
La Pena / La Pena 002 (La Pena)
枚 La Pena / La Pena 001 (La Pena)
Nima Gorji / Einzelkind / I Got Something (Love Letters From Oslo)
Sascha Dive / Johnny D / Midnight Blues / Paco Mana (Love Letters From Oslo)
Laverne Radix / Dick Control (Love Letters From Oslo)
Damian Schwartz / El Malo (Oslo)
The Per Eckbo Orchestra / 400 Thousand Miles From Home (Oslo)
Johnny D / Orbitalife (Oslo)
Mara Trax aka Vera Heindl & Maayan Nidam / ...It Got Me Funk (Oslo)
Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts / Paraiso 91.90.77 (Oslo)
Johnny D / Manipulation (Oslo)
Christian Burkhardt / Kreiskollaps (Oslo)
Afefe Iku / Mirror Dance (Yoruba)
Lowtec / Workshop 006 (Workshop)
Move D / Workshop 02 EP (Workshop)
Move D & Benjamin Brunn / Songs From The Beehive (Smallville)
Koushik / Out My Window (Stones Throw)
LNR / Work It To The Bone (House Jam)
Laid / Punch Up (Symple Sound)
Brothers' Vibe / Bang The Drum 1 (Jersey Underground)
Brothers' Vibe / Drum Factor #1 (Mixx Records)
Brothers' Vibe / Altered Soul Pt 1 (Mixx Records)
Brothers' Vibe / Revisted #1 (Mixx Records)
Brothers' Vibe / Revisted #2 (Mixx Records)
Brothers' Vibe / Revisted #3 (Mixx Records)
Brothers' Vibe / Revisted #4 (Mixx Records)
Brothers' Vibe / Unreleased Trax # 1 (Jersey Underground)
Jazzanova / I Can See (Verve)
W & P Hgg / Funkstart (Cornuta Sound)
V.A. / Ruts 3/3 (Meakusma)
KD / Tennessee (White)
Random Factor / Outlaw / Knockabout (20:20 Vision)
Stimming / Short Story (Freerange)
David K / Bento Box Vol. 2 (Freak n' Chic)
Jens Bond / Hypochonder EP (Highgrade)
Brian Eno / Compiled by Slow to Speak (Editions Gold)
Fella Cutie / Mr Brown / Water Get No Enemy / There Was A Time (Killer Funk)
Super Value / Special Edits 1 (Super Value)
George Benson / World Is A Ghetto / Breezin (Warner Bros)
War / Flying Machine / City Country City (United Artists)
Womack & Womack / Dee Dee Bridgewater / Baby I'm Scared Of You / Sweet Rain (Elektra)

Work It Babyの新作でいきなりぶちあがりましたわー!そしてKuniyukiさんのアレでフロート持続状態。。かと思えばマヒロック系まで出てきちゃってとんでもないことになってますね!ってところでまだまだ入荷序の口です。。8bit~Brother's Vibe~Cecille~Osloとこの手の音が好きな人にはたまらない祭りも開催されてますね。とにかく今年一発目の要チェック!もちろんそれが終わったら今日の一曲!


by SBT



お届けするのはPigeon Recordsの大将HATTORIさんとゴッドマザーHIROMIさん、そして今年始動予定のコラムも期待大な音楽ライター小野田雄さんです!あと牛乃糞どんことSBTです。

- Yusuke Hattori -
Prosumer & Murat Tepeli / Serenity (Ostgut Ton)
Move D & Benjamin Brunn / Songs From The Beehive (Smallville)
Nick Curly / Podcast (www.ibiza-voice.com)
Ray Okpara / Swimming To The Moon - Nakes Remix (Drumpoet Community)
Oslo + Love Letters From Oslo All Releases
Jens Zimmermann's All Works
Steve Tibbetts's All Works
Mark Isham + Art Lande / The Melancholy Of Departure (ECM)
ぴよんせ☆通信 Vol.16 + Vol.17
Cruel Grand Orchestra / Candidate For Love - Joe Claussell Remix (Crue-l)

- Hiromi Matsumoto -
Zazen Boys / 4 (Matsuri Studio) 
John Cage / JC + TT + SFT EP (Comatonse)
Ahmet Sisman / Hiyan (LesIzmo:r)
Dam-Funk / Burgundy City (Stones Throw)
Hugo Fattoruso Y Rey Tambor / Emotivo (Los Anos Luz Discos)
Estroe vs. ZoeXenia / Sweet Dreams EP (Connaisseur Recordings)
Henrik Schwarz & Amampondo / I Exist Because Of You Versions (Innervisions)
Windsurf / Windsurf EP (Internasjonal)
Idjut Boys / Droid Discoid (Droid)
Jim Beard / Revolutions (Intuition)
Best Live
Gladston Galliza Meets Trio Fattouruso & Tomohiro Yahiro @Urbanalatina
Omar Sosa @Bluenote Nagoya
Cassandra Wilson @Bluenote Nagoya
Kuniyuki @Club Mago
Zazen Boys @Club Quattro

- Yu Onoda -
Bjorn Torske / Kan Jeg Slippe?
Ghost Note / Holy Jungle
Johan Fotmeijer / Amir
Sam Taylor-Wood / I'm In Love With A German Film Star (PSB Symphonic Mix)
Kuniyuki / Touch (A Mountain Of One Peyote Remix)
City Reverb / Ghetto Glamour (Time & Space Machine Remix)
Primal Scream / Uptown (Andrew Weatherall Long After The Disco Is Over Mix)
Nite Jewel / What Did He Say
The Laughing Light Of Plenty / The Rose
Robert Owens / Happy (James Priestley & Dan Berkson's Remix)
 ...And All Works Of Johnny D、Tobias.、Mark E
DJ WADA / Final Resolution
Killer-Bong / Togashi Dub Murder Scene
Spangle Call Lilli Line / PURPLE
Woolfy vs Projections / The Astral Projections Of Starlight
Gaslamp Killah / I Spit On Your Grave
Goldfrapp / Seventh Tree
The Amorphous Androgynous / A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble Exloding In Your Mind Vol.1 - Cosmic Space Music
V.A. / Faith Presents House Ain't Dead!
Moonboots / Primavera
Alfredo / MOS mix 2007
Sample208 / Dusted Oldies Slow Motion
Erol Alkan / Erol Alkan Presents Disco 3000
The Time & Space Machine / T+SM PODCAST 28.8.08
Dam Funk / Radio Mix
Mountain People DJs / Live On Rundfunk.FM
Joel Martin / NEWWAVE
Mark E / Mark E Live At 12, March 30th 2008
Way Of The Ancients aka Thomas / Welcome Stranger
Altz vs. Mungolian Jet Set / Madre Epics Part 2
ミッキー吉野 / Me and '70s

- SBT -
Flatic / Sound Moreシリーズ + DJ DEA曰く”MIND BLOWING”な@青山『蜂』のDJ音源
Fuck Buttons / Street Horrrsing (ATP Recordings)
Keita / Sound More Vol.006 Fry (Sound More)
Kenji Takimi / Luger E-Go Summer Drone (Crew-L Records)
Mark E - Download RA.1122
Mi Ami / Ark Of The Covenant (Lovers Rock)
MGMT / Oracular Spectacular (CBS)
MGMT / Time To Pretend (White)
Quiet Village / Silent Movie (Studio !K7)
Ravex / I Rave U (Rhythm Republic)

いかがでしたでしょうか?最後はもちろん今日の一曲!Cruel Grand Orchestraの今度出るシングルのオリジナル!リリースが楽しみですね!


by SBT