All Together Now!大量入荷!



Ada / Blondix 1 (Areal)
Ada / Blondix 2 (Areal)
Andy Ash / Carnival De L'sprit (Love For Music)
Anthony Collins / Lost In Styles EP (Safari Electronique)
Anthony Collins / Reeves (Curle)
Aril Brikha / Winter (Kompakt)
Bennson / Whatever It Is (Pt.1) (Raw Fusion)
Broker / Dealer / Soft Sell (Spectral Sound)
Chaka Khan / I Know You, I Live You (East End)
Doobie Brothers / Long Train Runnin (East End)
Eilmes & Kohlbecker / Tabasco (Dreielf)
Ferenc / Zambomba (Kompakt)
Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts / I Was On My Way To Hell (Circus Company)
GW Edits / Reactivate #1 (Reactivate)
J & M Re-Edits / Evening Of Love / Give Some Skin (Path)
John Cage / JC + TT + SFT EP (Comatonse)
Lauhaus / Casamance (Arearemote)
Loco Dice / Pimp Jackson Is Takin Now!!! (Desolat)
Margaret Dygas / See You Around (Non Standard Productions)
Mr.G / Custom Made (Oproof)
Osborne / Ruling (Spectral Sound)
Pete Herbert / PH Edits (Redux)
Pom Pom / Pom Pom 32 (Pom Pom)
Quixote Feat. Lisa Li Lund / Before I Started To Dance (Versatile)
Ray Okpara / Frozen On Yellow Ice (Arearemote)
Reboot / Assign The Source (Motivbank)
Robert Dietz & Markus Fix / Boston Shunsower (Cecille Numbers)
Sascha Dive / Deepest America (Ornaments)
Savas Pascalidis / Vapor / Rich Hot Teen (Figure)
SCSI-9 / Easy As Down Vol.1 (Kompakt)
Sis / Nesrib (Cecille)
Slight Delay / Sufi Surfer (Rong Music)
The Juan Maclean / Happy House (DFA)
The Rice Twins / Reach For The Flute (K2)
They Came From The Stars I Saw Them / Moon Song (This Is Not An Exit)
V.A. / Notwave Compilation Sampler (Rong/DFA)

Toshiyuki Gotoさん、Fran-keyさんからいただいたCurrent Chartも見逃せません!
というわけですが、なんだか「なんとなく気分は2SOL」ということで!今日の1曲はAll Together Now!


by SBT


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