House of HouseのRushing To ParadiseのHarvey Remixが・・・!

こんにちは!ついにOne on Oneが終わりましたね~。パーティはかなり良かったみたいですね!セイント先生曰く「Tama Sumo人柄も最高だった。アーリー90sのNYを感じさせるDJだっていう話は納得のプレイ」とのこと!僕も行きたかったですが、一宮でパーモーというわけでこちらも最高でした!Traks Boysのお二方、Keita君、遊びに来てくれた皆様、さらに名古屋からタクシーで来てくれたまひろ先輩本当にありがとうございました!朝方までディスコないい雰囲気で最高でした!クリスタルさん、K404さんはいつも最高ですね!次の日Traks Boysのお二方ご来店いただいたようですが、HMさん&セイント先生不在でごめんなさい!いつもありがとうございます!そんなわけで今度の夜の帳はセイント先生がFan Faireに出演!





Radio Slave / Orchestrating Maneuvers In The Dark (OM)
Cabin Fever / I Feel Raw (Rekids)
Cabin Fever / Trax Vol.8 (Rekids)
Radio Slave / No Sleep Part Six Remixes (Rekids)
D-Pulse / Prekrasna EP (Theomatic)
An-2 / From Now On (Theomatic)
DJ Kaos / Flaco Rythmo (Astro Lab)
Hunee / Barrio Payment (Retreat)
Quarion / Dusty Fingers (Retreat)
Quarion / Session Victim / Treats Vol. 1 (Retreat)
Unknown / Mofo.03 (Mofo)
Unknown / Mofo.01 (Mofo)
Unknown / Enroloda / Mosca No Sopa (G.)
Record Shop Collective / Rodeo EP (Karton)
The Shake Up Connection / You Got Me (Amplified)
A Work In Progress / Untitled EP (Yore)
Rick Wilhite / Soul Edge EP (Rush Hour)
Rick Wilhite / Godson E.P. (Rush Hour)
Motor City Drum Ensemble / Raw Cuts #5 (MCDE)
Jayson Brothers / Monster Box / All My Life (MCDE)
Motor City Drum Ensemble / Raw Cuts 3 & 4 (MCDE)
Shimmy Sham Sham / Shimmy Sham Sham (Shimmy Sham Sham)
Acoustic High-End Research / Running Back Presents Strada Professinal (Running Back)
Kaoru Inoue / Happenings / Ancient Future Beings In The Place (Seeds And Ground)
Kaoru Inoue / ESCEndless Flight)
Jay Sinister Saelee & Louie Vega Starring Julie McKnight / Bittersweet / Bittersweet Love Affair (Atal Music)
V.A. / Disconet Greatest Hits Vol.8 (Disconet)
V.A. / Disconet Greatest Hits Vol.6 (Disconet)
V.A. / Disconet Greatest Hits Vol.5 (Disconet)
V.A. / Disconet Greatest Hits Vol.1 (Disconet)
Azoto / San SalvadorVedette Records)
The Jones Girls / You Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else / Nights Over Egypt (Philladelphia International)
Giorgio Moroder / Evolution / I Wanna Rock You (Casablanca)
V.A. / Music Institute 20th Anniversary Pt 2 (Ndatl Muzik)
Kai Alce featruing Azule Phantom / Power Thru Pt.3 (Ndatl Muzik)
Kai Alce / The Floating E.P (Ndatl Muzik)
Martin Eyerer & Benno Blome / Pianoroll Remixes (Great Stuff)
Super Flu / Shine (Monaberry)
Smokin Jo / Umona (Arearemote)
Salvatore Freda & Volta / Tiramisu (Arearemote)
Huner et Chaptal / If This World Were Mine (Arearemote)
Robert Dietz / HaLo EP (Cecille Numbers)
Robert Dietz & Markus Fix / Boston Shunshower (Cecille Numbers)
Unknown / El Gigante (Dai)
Marcel Dettmann / Tama Sumo & Prosumer / Phantasma Vol.3 (Diamonds & Pearls)
Tobias. / Efdemin / Phantasma Vol.1 (Diamonds & Pearls)
B.D.I. / City & Industry (Rush Hour)
Alexander Kowalski / In The Heat Of The Night (Damage)
Alan Fitzpatrick / Weed Killer / Science (Figure)
Pfirter / Figure 17 (Figure)
Michael Forzza / The Tenor And The Monkey (Figure)
Michael Forzza / Abstractor Part 2 (Perimeter)
DJ Koze / Minimal Elvis / Maximal Michael (White)
El Guincho / Antillas (Young Turks)
White Days / Fefe Na Efe (White Days)
Mr Raoul K / Sun Of Gao (Fatsouls Records)
Social Disco Club / Man Of Magic / Sandwich Love (Hands Of Time)
Brinton McKay / Spindle (Mystery Meat)
Abel / Blackdisco Volume 5 (Blackdisco)
Soft Rocks / The Soft Rocks (Blackdisco)
Jamie Jones / Hot Natured 01 (Hot Natured)
Sueno Latino / Sueno Latino - The Latin Dream (BCM Records)
Soul Clap / Soul Clap Pop Edits (Wolf + Lamb)
Dance Culture feat.Kenny Bobien / Better (Qalomota)
Peven Everett / Simmer / Special (Trippin)
Tony Rodriguez / Black EP #1 (BV Black)
Soulphiction Presents Missing Linkx / Who To Call (Philpot)
Ernesto Ferreyra / Midnight Sun EP (Lomidhigh Organic)
Andreas Jornvil / OMG! EP (Lomidhigh Organic)
Alejandro Mosso / GVA / MDZ EP (Lomidhigh Organic)
Marco Carola / Bloody Cash (Plus 8)
Spirit Catcher Feat.Ilija Rudman / Secret Stranger EP (Rebirth)
Spirit Catcher / Beezy Operator (OM)
Ilija Rudman / Part Four (Instruments Of Rapture)
Ooft! / The Revenge / Part Three (Instruments Of Rapture)
6th Borough Project / Part Two (Instruments Of Rapture)
6th Borough Project / Part One (Instruments Of Rapture)
The Revenge / Leave Your Mind (Mule Musiq)
V.A. / I Wanna See All My Friends At Once (Wolf Music)
Ytre Rymden Dansskola / Bange Anelser (Full Pupp)
Magnus International / Unduloat (Full Pupp)
Ajello / Hot July (Maxi Discs)
Marius / Jet Set (Maxi Discs)
Greg Wilson / Ian Dewhirst / Time Moves On / Dreaming A Dream (Cosmic Boogie)
Kollektiv Turmstrasse / Like The First Day EP (Diynamic Music)
Stimming / Stormdrum (Diynamic Music)
V.A. / Trilogy EP (Diynamic Music)
Guti / Las Cosas Que No Se Tocan (Desolat)
Christian Smith & Reset Robot / Air Miles (100% Pure)
2000 And One / Heritage Remixes Pt.1 (100% Pure)
2000 And One / Heritage Remixes Pt.2 (100% Pure)
Kabale Und Liebe / Hot Pants (100% Pure)
Tiefschwarz / Fall In / Keep On (Cocoon)
Ascion & D. Carbone / Woofer (8 Sided Dice)
Nihil Young / Bastard Language EP (8 Sided Dice)
VX (Virgil Enzinger & Xavier Morel) / Fiction Part 2 (Nachtstrom)
VX (Virgil Enzinger & Xavier Morel) / Fiction / Part 1 (Nachtstrom)

今回もいいのいっぱい!10ccのはもうちょっと早いクリスマスプレゼントですね!さらにもうすぐHouse of HouseのRushing To ParadiseのHarvey Remixが入荷するらしいですよ!お楽しみに!



by SBT


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