"Black Cream +++"
Open 22:00~Until Music Stops!!!

それにしてもNobuさんは011 E.P.もかっこよすぎですね、、この日も骨の髄まで痺れさせてほしいです。
というか最近特に入荷タイトルがいいの多すぎて困っています。eneからのKentさんのBackwoodsもかっこいいし、12"3タイトルもどれもいいし、野崎さんのMickも最高。Michel CleisものやWareikaダブルパック、Zooloftなど等激ヤバ、、他にも、というか百聞は一見にしかずですね!それでは久々入荷情報いきましょう、ドーン!

St. Echo / Stebenis Theme (Dock Records)
Oni Ayhun / Oar 004 (Oni Ayhun)
Oni Ayhun / Oar 003 (Oni Ayhun)
Coyote / Moving / Second (International Feel)
Maxxi & Zeus / The Cell / The Struggle (International Feel)
Hungry Ghost / Illuminations (International Feel)
Rocha / Hands Of Love (Fingers Of Sand) (International Feel)
Wolfgang Voigt / Freiland (Profan)
Mathias Kaden / Studio 10 Rmxs #1 (Vakant)
DJ Koze / Rue Burnout (Pampa)
Blagger / Strange Behaviour EP (Perspectiv)
Midnight Magic / Beam Me Up (Permanent Vacation)
Tiger & Woods / Out Of Bounds EP (Editainment)
Tiger & Woods / Caddy Shag EP (Editainment)
Tiger & Woods / Hole In One EP (Editainment)
Motor City Drum Ensemble / Raw Cuts 3 & 4 (MCDE)
AFMB / Here & There (White)
Bill Withers / Bob Marley / TSS Remixes (G.A.M.M.)
Mad Mats / The Blue Eyed Soul EP (G.A.M.M.)
Jazzy Jens / The Rance Allen Group / Africa / U Got 2 B Ready (G.A.M.M.)
Negghead / Shifting Sands EP (Wax On)
The Planty Herbs / Music Is The Word / Disco 2080 (Wax On)
Urban Tribe / Program 1-12 (Mahogani Music)
The Smallpeople / The People (Underground Quality)
DJ Jus-Ed / No Pain (Underground Quality)
Tazz / Acid Love (Underground Quality)
Aybee / Underworld EP (Underground Quality)
DJ Jus-Ed & Levon Vincent / Minimal Soul Part 2 (Underground Quality)
Argy, Jerome Sydenham, DJ Said / Argy EP (Ibadan)
Pezzner / The Tracks Are Alive EP (Freerange)
Lovebirds / My Man (Freerange)
Pablo Bolivar / Dynamo EP (Galaktika)
Wareika / Harmonie Park (Perlon)
Soul Clap / Action / Satisfaction EP (Crosstown Rebels)
In Flagranti / Through The Rabbit Hole (Codek)
V.A. / Sounds Superb Vol.7 (Codek)
Unknown / Goodbye (Moxie)
Edit Select / Surface To Air (Edit Select)
Edit Select / Stay Below EP (Lick My Deck)
Drehkontrolle / Treibjagd (Momentum)
Jonas Kopp / Ruda EP (Curle)
Nathan Hell / Heloise EP (Pilbus Records)
STL / Travelling Dubs And Echoes EP (Echocord)
Brendon Moeller / Mainline EP (Echocord Colour)
Sebastien San / Stellar Winds (Echocord Colour)
A + O / You Ain't Jack (Love For Music)
Rick The Godson Wilhite & Billy Love / My Voyage (Love For Music)
The Backwoods / Sunstream / Midnight Run (ene)
9dw / California EP (ene)
Tiago / Rider (ene)
Greyship Daviz / This Groove Is On The Loose (Past Due)
V.A. / Collected Works 3 (Off Spin)
Andre Crom & Martin Dawson / Gonna Be Alright EP (Off)
Matteo Milleri & The Selph / Moods EP (Off)
Jaffa Surfa / Feel It EP (Off)
Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts / Can't Have Everything (Circus Company)
Robag Wruhme / Proviant (Circus Company)
Marbert Rocel / A Parrots Yellin' (Fenou)
Joint Movement Project / Find A Love (Balance Alliance)
Nebraska / A Weekend On My Own EP (Rush Hour)
Rick Wilhite Presents / Vibes New & Rare Music Part B (Rush Hour)
Rick Wilhite Presents / Vibes New & Rare Music Part A (Rush Hour)
Anthony "Shake" Shakir / Arise (Syncrophone)
Incogdo / Simply Just A Ventage (Spiritual Records)
Francesco Tristano / The Melody (InFine)
Born Ruffians / Remixes (Warp)
DJ Shibata / Flow With It (Bedroom Archives)
Abel / Night Meets Day (Bedroom Archives)
Chee / Disco Tropicalia (Bedroom Archives)
Basso / Autumn Air (Bedroom Archives)
V.A. / Gilles Peterson Presents Havana Cultura Remixed (Brownswood Recordings)
Jaga Jazzist / Bananfluer Overalt (Ninja Tune)
Bitclipr / Feels Like Love (Feels Like Love)
Greg Wilson / Edit The Edit 2 (Edit The Edit)
Greg Wilson / Ruff Edits 4 (Ruff Edits)
K'Alexi / You Are (Divine)
Ollie Brooke / Into Your Dream (Divine)
Maetrik / Gliding Blind EP (Audiomatique)
Mesak / Dadawheel (Klakson)
Mood II Swing / Move Me (P&D)
Freestyle Man / Century EP (Hairy Claw)
Ancient Methods & Adam X / Cardiac Dysrhythmia (Sonic Groove)
Obtane / Waterstorm (Sonic Groove)
BCR Boys / NYC Diesel Pt.2 (Synewave)
Matt John / Indi Go Lake / The Other Side (Beatstreet)
Alexander Kowalski / In The Heat Of The Night (Damage)
Makossa & Megablast / Diskokaine / CD Tweleve Part 1 (Gigolo)
Masomenos & Volkan / Masomenos & Volkan (Welcome To Masomenos)
Robert Dietz / Home Run (Cadenza)
Reboot / Shunyata (Cadenza)
Reboot / Rambon EP (Cadenza)
Marcellus Pittman / Loneliness Leave Me Alone / Razz09 (Unirhythm)
Marcellus Pittman / S/T (Fit Sound)
Anthony Nicholson / Tell Me A Bedtime Story (Space Station Recordings)
Jill Scott / Spring Summer Feeling Rmx (Spring)
Wildcookie / Drugs EP (Homegrown Records)
NoiDoi / Reverstrip EP (Barraca Music)
Karm / Heaven EP (Barraca Music)
Affkt & Danny Fiddo / El Prologo Remixes Pt.2 (Barraca Music)
Gorge / Mood (8bit)
Sasch BBC & Caspar / Cookie EP (8bit)
Ray Okpara / Ruled By The Tides EP (Deep Vibes)
Unknown / Touch Me / Keep Movin (Lezar)
Franc Spangler / Forever And A Day (Delusions Of Grandeur)
Coati Mundi / No More Blues (Rong Music)
Space Ranger / Superstring EP (Lovemonk)
Nelue / Pierced Heart (Lovemonk)
Ooft! / Umbilical Chord (PPF Special Ops)
I:Cube / Merovingienne EP (Versatile)
Mark Ambrose & Alexander Punkart pres.Bellringers / Sunrising (Connaisseur Superieur)
Don Williams / Dynamic Rain (Baud)
Giorgio Gigli, Obtane & nAX Acid / Environmental Radiation Dose On The Moon (Zooloft)
Vakula / EP5 (Firecracker Recordings)
Andres / Andres (Mahogani Music)
J Dilla / Donut Shop (Stones Throw)
Oriol / Coconut Coast (Planet Mu)
Da Rebels / R.V. Cock / House Nation Under A Groove (DJ Harvey Modern Dance Mix) / Free At Last (White)
Amadeo / DJ Harvey / Memories / I Am A Man (White)
Admiral Freebee / My Hippie Ain't Hip (Play Out!)
Erik Wikstrom / Summer Of Cesar (Discofil)
Don Froth / 10000 CC's / Holiday (Dubbed Out) (Phonica White)
Walker Barnard / Mule The B3 EP (District Of Corruption)
Peter Grummich / Elevation Funk EP (District Of Corruption)
Fries & Bridges / Out Of Reach (Minority Music)
Mark Broom / Scream (Saved)
Digitaline / Tapadaka EP (Cadenza)
Culoe De Song / Ambush (Mule Musiq)
Henrik Schwarz & Kuniyuki / Once Again - Soulphiction Rmxs (Mule Musiq)
Henrik Schwarz & Kuniyuki / Once Again (Mule Musiq)
DJ Sprinkles Aka Terre Thaemlitz / Masturjakor (Mule Musiq)
Wipe The Needle / Eddie Stockley EP (Soundmen On Wax)
Alan Fitzpatrick / A Small Decline (Drumcode)
Alan Fitzpatrick / Xerrox Structure (Drumcode)
Alan Fitzpatrick / Paranoize / Alpha Scanner (Drumcode)
The Backwoods / The Backwoods (ene)
Sam Sallon / You May Not Mean To Hurt Me (Fascinating Rhythms)
V.A. / Magic Wand Vol.1 (Magic Wand)
Visti & Meyland / Stars (Bear Funk)
Gang / KKK. (Recordbreaker)
XR 7 / XR 7 (Quality)
Aleem / Release Yourself (Nia)
Giorgio Moroder / Evolution / I Wanna Rock You (Casablanca)
Maynard Ferguson / Pagliacci (Joe Claussell Remix) (White)
Bill Withers / You Got The Stuff (Columbia)
La Melodia / Chemistry / Working On It (Record Breakin' Music)
Coultrain / The Wanderer / Balncing Act (Record Breakin' Music)
Gunnar Wendel / 578 (FXHE Records)
Omar-S / Ultra Fine One (FXHE Records)
Dubbyman / King Of Motown (Cornuta Sound)
Johnny D / Leave Or Love Me / Triva Mango (Cecille)
Anthea & Celler / Sessy... EP (Cecille Numbers)
V.A. / Early House Vol.8 (Early House)
V.A. / Early House Vol.5 (Early House)
V.A. / Early House Vol.2 (Early House)
Chris Liebing / Auf Und Ab Rmxs (CLR)
Chris Liebing Feat.M.Spengler / Tommy Four Seven / Atraxia / Sor (CLR)
Adam Beyer / Brian Sanhaji / Antistius / Higgs (CLR)
Speedy J / Monoloc / Armstrong / Pumpkin (CLR)
TBD / Takes One To Make One / I Love You (TBD Classics)
TBD / Oh My (DFA)
Jacques Renault / Lee Douglas / Pump / Got To Find A Disco (Mystery Meat)
Populette / Mommy (Throne Of Blood)
Kindred Spirits Ensemble / Shining Liberation (Kindred Spirits)
Shimmy Sham Sham / Shimmy Sham Sham 003 (Shimmy Sham Sham)
Mountain People / Mountain 010.1 / Mountain 010.2 (Mountain People)
The Gathering / In My System Pt.1 (No Label)
The Gathering / In My System Pt.2 (No Label)
El Prevost Feat Jannae / Choose You (Stalwart)
Peven Everett / Heat Up (Bombay)
Soft House Company / What You Need / A Little Piano (Irma)
Pepe Bradock / Burning (Kif)
Riccio / Desire EP (Bosconi Extra Virgin)
Worst Friends / Neeves For None EP (Future Classic)
V.A. / Tighten Up On That Backstroke! (Whiskey Disco)
Eddie C / Wonderful Dub EP (Karat)
Red Fulka / EP 002 (Elevator People)
Sect / Man Of Wisdom (Culprit)
Praezisa Rapid 3000 / Mandy Sagt: Das Ist Naturmusik (Doumen Records)
Oleg Poliakov / It Ain't Too Old (Composite Records)
Oleg Poliakov / Rescue Me (Splendid Lo-Fi)
Oleg Poliakov / Caravan EP (Bass Culture)
DJ Nobu / 011 E.P. (Grass Waxx)
Glenn Underground / Moog Vibrations (Superb Entertainment)
Mr. K-Alexi Shelby / Club MCM / Do You Remember The Peek Time? (Superb Entertainment)
Mr. Fingers / Mr. Fingers EP (Alleviated)
Rick Wilhite Presents / Vibes New & Rare Music Part C (Rush Hour)
Erykah Badu / New Amerykah Part Two (Return Of The Ankh) (Universal Motown)
Aloe Blacc / I Need A Dollar / Take Me Back (Stones Throw)
Korallreven / The Truest Faith (Acephale)
Washed Out / Life Of Leisure EP (Mexican Summer)
Linkwood Family / Miles Away - Intrution Dubs (Firecracker Recordings)
Acid Pauli / Smaul 09 (Smaul)
Julian Jeweil / Babou (Plus 8)
Paco Osuna / Lemon Juice (Plus 8)
Cortney Tidwell / Palace (Aus Music)
Metrica / One Night (Ianus71)
Detachments / H.A.L (Thisisnotanexit)
The Dark Esquire / Situation (Thisisnotanexit)
Toby Tobias / You Know (Rekids)
The Realness / Shade (Rekids)
Nikola Gala / Pump EP (Rekids)
Nina Kraviz / Pain In The Ass (Rekids)
Chris Liebing / Speedy J / Discombobulated / Klave (Rekids)
Cassy / #3 Endless Endeavour (Cassy)
Silent Servant / Kalon / Function / Violencia (Sandwell District)
Femele, Silent Servant, Regis / Sandwell District (Sampler Single Two) (Sandwell District)
Cassegrain / Cotton / Olbia (Mikrowave)
Mutant Clan / Plan A (Rockets & Ponies)
Alex Dolby & Santos / Sound Traffic (Rockets & Ponies)
Daniel Mehlhart / Deep Crazy Synth (Wir)
V.A. / Horse Meat Disco 2 (Strut)
Deadly Sins / Giant Cuts Vol 2 (Giant Cuts)
Name In Lights / Eld & Lagor (Feed Records)
Marius Vareid / Vallefaret (Full Pupp)
Blundetto / Voices (Heavenly Sweetness)
DJ Asparagus / EP #2 - Open Your Eyes (G.A.M.M.)
DJ Asparagus & Wipe The Needle / Ur Daddy Loves You (G.A.M.M.)
Archie Bronson Outfit / Hoola (Domino)
Martin Beume / Step Right Up! (Outils Du Connaisseur)
Pol_On / Omorp EP (Outils Du Connaisseur)
Daso & Franklin Da Costa / Frank 'N Frank Trax (Outils Du Connaisseur)
Social Disco Club / Daft Funk (Hands Of Time Gold)
Social Disco Club / I'm Good For You (Hands Of Time)
Wavelength / Funk Dreams / Life Turns (Glydezone)
Cos/Mes / DFG (Featuring Dr.Nishimura) (ESP Institute)
James Yuill / This Sweet Love - Prins Thomas Sneaky Edit (White)
Phenomenal Handicap Band / #19 (Better Days)
Stupid Human / Far Out Gypsy / A Straight Head (Stupid Human)
Dirty Jesus / Don't Fuck With My Shit - Black Cock Remixes (Juno)
Capricorn / Outlander / In Order To Dance Remix Sampler Vol.1 (R & S)
V.A. / #3 (Yaumara Records)
Dai / #11 (Dai)
Unknown / #6 (Dai)
Unknown / El Gigante (Dai)
Magoo / Magoo E.P. (Boogie Times)
Overdrive / Jm Black / Taste / Lipstick (Boogie Times)
Titus Williams / Give Me Some Love To (Boogie Times)
Plaisir / Visa Pour Aimer + Fou (Boogie Times)
Cloud / What You Want (Exceptional)
Ripperton / Leonor's Laungo Remixes (Green)
FGTH / Pleasuredome (White)
Pablo Mandelbrot / Modisch Aber Unrentabel (Modisch Aber Unrentabel)
Red Rack'em / Pressure (Home Taping Is Killing Music)
Duckbeats / House Back Home Part One (Home Taping Is Killing Music)
Homepark / Forever Walking (3rd Strike)
Erdbeerschnitzel / Cotton (3rd Strike)
Unknown / Story #4 (Story)
NoiDoi / Deeper Underground (Love Letters From Oslo)
Paolo Martini & Paul C. / Special One EP (Ama Recordings)
Breakbot / Baby I'm Yours - Remixes (Because)
Sare Havlicek / Dreams In Light (Nang)
Pete Gooding & Chris Coco / Nightdance EP (Nang)
Blackcoffee / Superman (White)
Unknown / Where Da Party At? / Get Back Up! (WPA1)
V.A. / Producer #2 Remix EP (Fat City)
Unders & Soares / Arabisch (Sound Architecture)
Session Victim / On The Roll (Retreat)
Thomas Fehlmann / Gute Luft Remixe (Kompakt)
V.A. / J.P. Massiera The Unreleased (YDNY)
Maledictus Sound / Wedding Party (Finders Keepers)
Waxpoetics Japan / No.10 (Waxpoetics Japan)
Femi Kuti / Remixes (Kif)
Risco Connection / Risco Connection (Musica Paradiso)
Charanga 76 / No Nos Paran (White)
Steel An' Skin / Afro Punk Reggae Dub (Honest Jons)
Walter Jones / Hot Contact EP (Under The Shade)
Mushrooms Project / Tropikal Mushrooms (Under The Shade)
Okain / Geddes & Newman / Scream / Lost The Love (Tsuba)
Huxley / Purple EP (Tsuba)
Oxia & Nicolas Masseyeff / Keep The Drums (Tsuba)
Geddes & Mic Newman / Solaris (Tsuba)
James Ruskin / Kevin Gorman / Berghain 04 - Pt.2 (Ostgut Tontrager)
Martyn / Roman Lindau / Berghain 04 - Pt.1 (Ostgut Tontrager)
Tama Sumo & Prosumer / Rarified EP (Ostgut Tontrager)
Andre Galluzzi / Dana Ruth / Freya / Mauersegler (Ostgut Tontrager)
Egbert / Hassten EP (Gem Records)
Unknown / Oops EP (Caravan Recordings)
Mick / Macho Brother (10 Inches Of Pleasure Records)
The Brand New Heavies / Shelter (White)
Aeroplane / We Can't Fly (Eskimo Recordings)
V.A. / Down To The Sea & Back (Wonk)
V.A. / Million Dollar Disco Edits (All Out War)
The Idjut Boys / Waterboard (Droid)
The Idjut Boys / Implant (Noid)
Shakrokh Dini / Compost Black Label 65 (Compost Black Label)
Memoryman & LTJ / Somebody (Oh Cristo!)
White / Alles Neu (White)
Ripperton / 1976 (Perspectiv)
Ghetto Brothers / Ghetto Disco (Royal Oak)
Space Dimension Controller / Journey To The Core Of The Unknown Shpere (Royal Oak)
Holger Czukay / Let's Get Hot (Claremont 56)
Entlet / Crowdpleaser / Split 02 (Perspectiv)
Anthony "Shake" Shakir / Happy To Be Here (Rush Hour)
Peter Van Hoesen / Entropic Minus Six (Time To Express)
James Kumo / The Rex EP (Curle)
Peter Van Hoesen & Donato Dozzy / Matt O'Brien / Talis / Into The Red (Curle)
Efdemin / Acid Bells (Curle)
Samuel L Session / Inner City Dust (Figure)
Edit-Select / Gary Beck / Deposer / Yah Yah (Figure)
Santos / Llama Inesperada (Figure)
Alan Fitzpatrick / Weed Killer / Science (Figure)
Pfirter / Figure 17 (Figure)
Michael Forzza / The Tenor And The Monkey (Figure)
Visitor / Los Feeling (Vulture)
Palermo Disko Machine / Vesuvia / Theme Of Palermo Disko Machine (Vulture)
Das Glow / I Want To Make Up With You (Vulture)
Pryda / Viro / Emos (Pryda)
V.A. / Fventi EP (Ianus71)
Kingdom☆Afrocks / イチカバチカーノ (Japonica)
Escape From New York / Single Collection (White)
V.A. / R.D.Y.#3 (R.D.Y.)
Jamie 3:26 / The Basement Edits Volume One (Partehardy Records)
Bot'ox / Overdrive (I'm A Cliche)
Deepchord Presents Echospace / Vibrational Studies (In Echospace) (Modern Love)
Andy Stott / Tell Me Anything / Love Nothing (Modern Love)
Claro Intelecto / New Life (Modern Love)
Patch Park / Oddity (Be As One)
Nyra / Feeling Rhythm EP (Be As One)
Itamar Sagi / Coffee Beans (Be As One)
Andrea Oliva / Arosa / Off The Moment (Be As One)
Frivolous / Couples Therapy (Cadenza)
Kabale Und Liebe / Since You Look Into My Eyes (Remote Area)
Makcim & Managemend / Boyism (Remote Area)
Oleg Poliakov / Jungle Warfare EP (Eklo)
Gunnar Jonson / Muskelminne EP (Kontra Musik)
Andre Lodemann / The Light EP (Best Works Records)
Eva Be / New Crack EP (Best Works Records)
Ron Deacon feat. The Kat / Secret Garden EP (Farside)
Kaoru Inoue / The Invisible Eclipse feat. Jebski / Ground Rhythm (Seeds And Ground)
Agoria / Grande Torino / For One Hour (InFine)
Databoy 78 / Thursday (Running Back)
DJ Qu / Law (Deep Vibes)
Sascha Dive / The Basic Collective EP Remixes (Deep Vibes)
Surrealism / Alland Byallo / So Much / Can I, May I (Liebe & Detail)
Kyle Hall / The Water Is Fine EP (Moods & Grooves)
Mark Broom / Verve (Beard Man)
Ramon Tapia & BP / Water Melon (Jericho)
Rich Jones / Choronzon EP (8 Sided Dice)
Sian / Cloned Deity (8 Sided Dice)
DJ Nori / Journey (Sleeping Bugz)
V.A. / Collected Works 1 (Off Spin)
Ilija Rudman / Call Me Tonight Volume 2 (Red Music)
V.A. / Bitches Brew Nu Soul (Bitches Brew)
Mavis Feat. Candi Staton / Revolution (Bitches Brew)
Jori Hulkkonen / I Am Dead (Sugarcane Recordings)
Kavinsky / Nightcall (Record Makers)
Floating Points / Vacuum Boogie EP (Eglo)
Nick Holder / People In The Shadows (DNH)
BSTC Feat JL / Love It (Reel People Music)
Afrikanz On Marz / The Road We Travel (Out Hear Audio)
The London Heavy Disco Revue / Remember (Out Hear Audio)
Alessandro Magno / Aqua (KO Records)
Glimpse / Enjoyable Employable (Crosstown Rebels)
N/A Feat. Rosina / Fables And Fairytales (Crosstown Rebels)
Mark Seven / Swept Away (Endless Flight)
Bubble Club / Morning Star (Bubble Club)
Ajello / Bull Attack (Demo-Disc)
Ajello / Do The Job Vol.1 (Do The Job)
Free Disco / Strange Desire EP (Strange Desire Recordings)
DJ Sprinkles Vs K-S.H.E / Hush Now / B2B (Skylax Records)
Jouem / Drifting EP (Just Another Beat)
V.A. / Exchange Place Rhythm Piranhas (Strength Music)
DJ Qu / For The Beneath (Strength Music)
Rills / Everybody EP (All Inn)
Pulpyt / Pulp This E.P. (All Inn)
Case Sensitive / Case Sensitive E.P. (All Inn Black)
Kaiserdisco / Dulca Frutas (My Best Friend)
Kaiserdisco / Pez Gordo (My Best Friend)
Perc / Mandrake EP (Nachtstrom Schallplatten)
Doomwork / Fever Sax (Arearemote)
Doomwork & Neuroxyde / Andromeda (100% Pure)
Fabio Giannelli / May 22nd (Bang Bang!)
Samuli Kemppi / Kosmos EP (Komisch)
Schermate / Schermate 005 (Yellow) (Schermate)
Schermate / Schermate 004 (Dark Blue) (Schermate)
Schermate / Schermate 003 (Red) (Schermate)
Pleasure / Dust Yourself Off (Fantasy)
Stevie Wonder / Do I Do (Tamla)
Sarr Band / Magic Mandrake (Unidisc)
Jephte Guillaume feat. Monday Michiru / Dancing On The Stars (Tet Kale)
Jephte Guillaume presents Wiltrud Weber / Deja Vue (Tet Kale)
Tyree Cooper / Get Up (We Play House)
Reggie Blount / Hard Times EP (Clone Crown LTD Series)
Leandre DJ / 1976 / Flavors (Voulezvous)
California Flight Project / California Flight (Peoples Potential Unlimited)
V.A. / Tri Fire Volume Two 1983-1985 (Peoples Potential Unlimited)
Luca & Brigante / Lucio / Faber (Double Drop)
Andres / II (Second Installment Of 2 Records) (Mahogani Music)
The Big Payback / EP (Circulations)
Onra / Long Distance (All City Dublin)
Randolph / Echoes Remixes 1 (Still Music)
Mark E / Special FX / Christro (Merc)
Shimmy Sham Sham / Shimmy Sham Sham 002 (Shimmy Sham Sham)
Shimmy Sham Sham / Shimmy Sham Sham (Shimmy Sham Sham)
Boze Man / Joe & Tina (Doppelschall)
We Can Do It! / Mara (We Can Do It!)
Edward / Expressions In Stone (White)
Deetron Feat. Seth Troxler / Each Step (Circus Company)
Harrison Crump / Deep Down Inside (Cocoon)
Bing Ji Ling / Sunshine Love (Lovemonk)
Space System / Master Of The Sky (Pizzico Nobel)
KN Presents / Koko Edits Vol.1 (Adult Music Entertainment)
Jestofunk / I'm Gonna Love You (Rec In Pause)
Coco Steel & Lovebomb / Feel It (Submarine)
V.A. / Nicholas Edit 3 (No More Hits)
V.A. / Nicholas Edit 2 (No More Hits)
V.A. / Nicholas Edit (No More Hits)
Kay Suzuki / Opening EP (Round In Motion)
V.A. / Finale Sessions #1 (Finale Sessions)
Guy Gerber / Hate / Love EP (Supplement Facts)
Sercan & Nico Lahs / U Know EP (Sonido)
Xhin / Jerome Sydenham / Incidental (Apotek)
Franco Cangelli / Paper Cut (Mowar)
Echologist / Slow Burn (Steadfast)
Los Updates vs. Argenis Brito / Los Updates vs. Argenis Brito E.P. (Nice Cat)

って全然一見にしかずじゃないですね。。多すぎてごめんなさい!この数日間でこんなに入荷があったなんて殺人級に恐ろしいです、、Jack Warriors全員必買も同様に恐ろしいです、、もうこうなったら今日の一曲で癒されるしかない!


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