DJ Harvey / Love Hotel E.P. (Black Cock)
DJ Harvey / Love Hotel E.P. 2 (Black Cock)
DJ Harvey / Luna Party / Frog Scene (Black Cock)
Wild Rumpus / Rock The Joint (Bitches Brew)
Altz Vs Mungolian Jetset / Epics And Donuts (Luna Flicks)
V.A. / Boxoffice 001 (Boxoffice)
City Reverb / The Alternative Remix EP (Dumb Angel Records)
Marius Vareid / Skumle Planer (Full Pupp)
Frankie Flowerz / Break The Barriers (Internasjonal)
Doug Wills / Dougswana Remix EP (Z Records)
Sharam / Crazi (DCI)
Matt Star / Kuhle Fliege (International Freakshow)
International Pony / The Sweet Madness EP (Sony)
Estroe vs. ZoeXenia / Sweet Dreams EP (Connaisseur)
Ian Simmonds / The Wendelstein Variations (Musik Krause)
Terrence Dixon / Change / Below Radar (Children Of Tommorow)
Mirco Vioki & Federico Grazzini / Strange Folks (Aloe)
Krakatoa / A. Le Texier Remix (Krakatoa)
Bruno Pronsato / Minimono / That S Amore EP (Bosconi)
Tokyo Black Star / Bit Commander EP (Innervisions)
Findlay Brown / All That I Have (This Is Music)
Downtown Party Network / Days Like These (Eskimo Recordings)
F.C.R. Present / First Choice Vol.1 Selected By DJ Funky Chocolate (First Choice Record)
F.C.R. Present / First Choice Vol.2 Selected DJ Funky Chocholate & Kerri Chandler (First Choice Record)
The Glimmers Presents Disko Drunkards / Physical (Diskimo)
Boogie Corporation / Magnetificect Disco (Disco Deviance)
Disco Deviance / Goin' Crazy / Hello Herbie (Disco Deviance)
V.A. / Sounds Superb Vol 4 (Codek)
Unit Moebius / The Golden Years Part 1 (Clone Classic Cuts)
Sasse / Break Up Remixes (Mood Music)
Boris Horel / Is That A Yes? EP (Supernature)
Amelie Vs Audiofly / Under The Radar EP (Supernature)
Andre Zimma / M.U.S.I.C (Swedish Brandy Productions)
Delano Smith / Sunrise EP (Third Ear)
DJ T. / Booty Call (Kindisch)
Einzelkind / Out With A Bang (Kindisch)
Sascha Baemer & Philip Bader / Mamba Drum (Kindisch)
Soft Rocks / Umut 2000 / Slowdown (Soft Rocks)
Lusty Zanzibar / For My Friends (Bear Funk)
Simone Fedi / Sub-Space (Eskimo Recordings)
Robert Babicz / Dark Flower (Audiomatique)
SCSI-9 / Easy As Down Vol.1 (Kompakt)
The MFA / The Difference It Makes (Kompakt Pop)
Speedy J / Red Shift (Electric Deluxe)
Andre Winter / Trauma (Ideal Audio)
Pherox / Velvet (Mupa)
Boola / Astroceva EP (Lomidhigh Organic)
Martinez / Organic Theme EP (Lomidhigh Organic)
Robert Dietz / Fym / Actrice (Be Chosen)
Dan Andrei / Just Music (Be Chosen)
Andre Crom & Luca Doobie / Park Life EP (Off)
Catz 'N Dogz / SF & 2 (Mothership)
Catz 'N Dogz / Omanko (Mothership)
Petar Dundov / Sparkling Stars (Music Man)
Popnoname / Surrounded By Weather Bonus EP (Italic)
Popnoname / Surrounded By Weather Remixes 1 (Italic)
Popnoname / Surrounded By Weather (Italic)
Moodymanc / Word (20:20 Vision)
Sascha Dive / Deepest America (Ornaments)
Norma Jean Bell / Do You Wanna Party / Late Night Show (Funky Chocolate)
Mickey Moonlight / Interplanetary Music (Ed Banger)
Quixote Feat. Lisa Li Lund / Before I Started To Dance (Versatile)
Desmond & The Tutus / Kiss You On The Cheek (Tigersushi)

アレもいいな、コレもいいな、うーん、うーん、いいなぁ!皆さんとっくにチェックされてるんでしょうけど、Speedy Jのやつ激ヤバですね。。この気持ち、来年の干支とかけまして、牛女房先生風に言うならば「モウ・・・心配いりません」です。では今日の一曲へいきましょう。ここじゃないどこかへ連れてって!


by SBT


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