Jaunt / Lipstick (Work It Baby)
DJ Sprinkles / Brenda's $20 Dilemma (Mule Musiq)
DJ Sprinkles / Grand Central, Pt. 1 (Mule Musiq)
Pig & Dan / Terminate (Cocoon)
Jesse Rose Feat Hot Chip / Forget My Name (Dubsided)
Gorge / Garuna EP (8bit)
Audiofly / Plan B EP (8bit)
Johnny D / Requiem Of A Dream (8bit)
V.A. / EP (8bit)
Joe Montana / Sol Y Sombra EP (8bit)
DJ Wild / Wild Tools (Motivbank)
Barrientos & Corrado / Less Heat (Exun)
Crystal Re Clear / I'm Dancing (Tony Records)
Tom Browne / Trina Boussard / Funkin' For Jamaica / Inside My Love (K2 Edits)
Bonar Bradberry / Beat The Bed (Red Music)
Friendly Fires / Paris (XL Recordings)
Sam Taylor-Wood / I'm In Love With A German Film Star (Kompakt Pop)
Ferenc / Zambomba (Kompakt)
Ichisan / Global Pillage (Airtight)
Runaway / Brooklyn Club Jam (Rekids)
Sound Stream / "Live" Goes On (Sound Stream)
Estroe vs. ZoeXenia / Sweet Dreams EP (Connaisseur)
Shaka / Spring Day (Stattmusik)
L'ami / Les Chansons Du Zebra Dans Le Jardin Des Frameboises (Stattmusik)
Kalabrese / Huhnerfest (Stattmusik)
Sedat The Tukish Avenger / Genesis / Sunrise (Vulture)
Johnwaynes / Compost Black Label #38 (Compost Black Label)
Der Dritte Raum / Swing Bop (Save To Disc)
Roland Christoph / Ludovic Bendi / Limbo Remixed (Paradigma)
Italoboyz / Portucais (Trapez Limited)
Nu / Mo'Joe / Voca / Under Palm Trees (White)
Basti Grub / El Gitarrro (Merk Es Dir)
Robert Dietz & Markus Fix / Boston Shunsower (Cecille Numbers)
Ilario Alicante / Living Near Africa EP (Cecille)
Sis / Nesrib (Cecille)
Markus Fix / Cannibals (Cecille)
La Pena / La Pena 002 (La Pena)
枚 La Pena / La Pena 001 (La Pena)
Nima Gorji / Einzelkind / I Got Something (Love Letters From Oslo)
Sascha Dive / Johnny D / Midnight Blues / Paco Mana (Love Letters From Oslo)
Laverne Radix / Dick Control (Love Letters From Oslo)
Damian Schwartz / El Malo (Oslo)
The Per Eckbo Orchestra / 400 Thousand Miles From Home (Oslo)
Johnny D / Orbitalife (Oslo)
Mara Trax aka Vera Heindl & Maayan Nidam / ...It Got Me Funk (Oslo)
Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts / Paraiso 91.90.77 (Oslo)
Johnny D / Manipulation (Oslo)
Christian Burkhardt / Kreiskollaps (Oslo)
Afefe Iku / Mirror Dance (Yoruba)
Lowtec / Workshop 006 (Workshop)
Move D / Workshop 02 EP (Workshop)
Move D & Benjamin Brunn / Songs From The Beehive (Smallville)
Koushik / Out My Window (Stones Throw)
LNR / Work It To The Bone (House Jam)
Laid / Punch Up (Symple Sound)
Brothers' Vibe / Bang The Drum 1 (Jersey Underground)
Brothers' Vibe / Drum Factor #1 (Mixx Records)
Brothers' Vibe / Altered Soul Pt 1 (Mixx Records)
Brothers' Vibe / Revisted #1 (Mixx Records)
Brothers' Vibe / Revisted #2 (Mixx Records)
Brothers' Vibe / Revisted #3 (Mixx Records)
Brothers' Vibe / Revisted #4 (Mixx Records)
Brothers' Vibe / Unreleased Trax # 1 (Jersey Underground)
Jazzanova / I Can See (Verve)
W & P Hgg / Funkstart (Cornuta Sound)
V.A. / Ruts 3/3 (Meakusma)
KD / Tennessee (White)
Random Factor / Outlaw / Knockabout (20:20 Vision)
Stimming / Short Story (Freerange)
David K / Bento Box Vol. 2 (Freak n' Chic)
Jens Bond / Hypochonder EP (Highgrade)
Brian Eno / Compiled by Slow to Speak (Editions Gold)
Fella Cutie / Mr Brown / Water Get No Enemy / There Was A Time (Killer Funk)
Super Value / Special Edits 1 (Super Value)
George Benson / World Is A Ghetto / Breezin (Warner Bros)
War / Flying Machine / City Country City (United Artists)
Womack & Womack / Dee Dee Bridgewater / Baby I'm Scared Of You / Sweet Rain (Elektra)

Work It Babyの新作でいきなりぶちあがりましたわー!そしてKuniyukiさんのアレでフロート持続状態。。かと思えばマヒロック系まで出てきちゃってとんでもないことになってますね!ってところでまだまだ入荷序の口です。。8bit~Brother's Vibe~Cecille~Osloとこの手の音が好きな人にはたまらない祭りも開催されてますね。とにかく今年一発目の要チェック!もちろんそれが終わったら今日の一曲!


by SBT


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