The Mole / For The Lost (Internasjonal)
Windsurf / Windsurf EP (Internasjonal)
Peace Division / Three Corners EP (8bit)
Audiofly / Plan B EP (8bit)
Joe Montana / Sol Y Sombra EP (8bit)
V.A. / Munich Disco Tech Vol.3 (Great Stuff)
Sideshow Feat. Paul St. Hilaire / If Alone EP (Aus Music)
Felipe Valenzuela / Alicante (Fumalab)
Franco Cinelli / Green & Blue (Esperanza)
Brother's Vibe / Papol / Natural High / Lapidus From Island (Esperanza)
Rockford Inc. / Like A Rock (Roots)
Afefe Iku / Mirror Dance (Yoruba)
And.ID / Sand On The Floor (Mobilee)
Salvatore Freda & Volta / Jono 6 / Bombolone / Molt In In Basso (Liebe & Detail)
Minimono / Stay Away (Love Letters From Oslo)
Nima Gorji / Einzelkind / I Got Something (Love Letters From Oslo)
Damian Schwartz / El Malo (Oslo)
V.A. / Inversion 6 (Geophone)
Wireman / Armour E.P. (Prime Numbers)
Margaret Dygas / See You Around (Non Standard Productions)
Livio & Roby / Return Of The Jack (Viva Music)
Vrajitoroo / Din Nou Lar (Viva Music)
Unknown Artist / Seldom Felt 4 (Seldom Felt)
Unknown Artist / Seldom Felt 3 (Seldom Felt)
Caie & Lagora / Porcelan EP (Material)
Speedy J / Edlx Tool (CLR)
Edit Select / Restrained (Edit Select)
Levon Vincent / Six Figures EP (Novel Sound)
Levon Vincent / Invibible Bitch Slap (Deconstruct)
Wbeeza / New Skank EP (Third Ear)
The Alan Parsons Project / Sirius / Mammagamma (Arista)
V.A. / Epic Disco Vol.1 (Rollerboys)
Jens Lekman / Sipping On The Sweet Nectar (Rollerboys)
DXR / All The Same (Klakson)
Phlash & Friends / Runnin (Archive Recordings)
Cabin Fever / Trax Vol.2 (Rekids)
Affkt & Danny Fiddo / El Prologo (Barraca)
Circlesquare / Dancers / Music (White)
Crowdpleaser & Ly Sander / Walking Home EP (Drumpoet Community)
Willie Graff & Tuccillo / When The Sun Goes Down (Drumpoet Community)
DJ Yellow / The Beauty & The Beast EP (Electro-Choc)

The MoleのT王子のレーベルからのやつ最高ですね~。っていうかまたもやLivio & Robyが。。絶好調すぎます。SisのRMXが入ったやつも最高!膨張してきました!ここらで一寸一休ということで、今日の一曲へいきますか。


by SBT


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