Soft Live @岡崎Ragslow

一昨日になりますが、岡崎にあるRagslowというナイスなカフェに京都のバンドSoftを観に行ってきました~!pigeonの常連のSさんやコノ日のDJ Dasuke君にも会えて、何か盛り上がり、山山大可さんのゆるりとしたナイスBGMでゆっくりとお酒を呑みつつライヴの2階へ↑、古い民家の造りのカフェでお客さんの熱気で床がかなり揺れていて抜けてしまうのでは?と思わせられるほどの盛り上がりでした!!かっこよかったです!!来月はDJ YogurtとDJ Conomarkも来るそうですよ~!!近くにあったら週1は行ってるかも的なお店です!!またお邪魔したいと思っております!!


Mental Remedy / Sun The Moon Our Souls (Sacred Rhythm)
Omar-S / Blow Valvetrain (Sound Signature)
Billy Dalessandro / Acidburn (Soniculture)
Downtown Party Network / Days Like These (Eskimo Recordings)
Mike Burns / Everybody's Mantra (Disco Devil)
6th Borough Project / Part One (Instruments Of Rapture)
V.A. / Discolexic Edits Vol 3 (Discolexic Edits)
V.A. / Disko Real Right Part 3(Galaxy Sound Company)
Pat Les Stache / Cabana Disco Vol.1 (Cabana Disco)
Double Exposure / Every Man Has To Carry His Own Weight (D.B. Edits))
Ashford & Simpson / Gichy Dan / Found A Cure / Cowboy And Gansters (D.B. Edits)
2nd Avenue Rhumba Band / Deputy Of Love (D.B. Edits)


Koushik / Nothing's The Same (Stones Throw)
KD / Tennessee (White)
Dominik Eulberg & Gabriel Ananda / Eucalypse Now! (Traum)
Federleicht / On The Streets X-tra 10"(Connaisseur)
Runaway / Alberg 30 (Chinatown)
Jan Driver / Kardamoon / Trains (Grand Petrol)
The Mole / For The Lost (Internasjonal)
Windsurf / Windsurf EP (Internasjonal)
Peace Division / Three Corners EP (8bit)
Audiofly / Plan B EP (8bit)
Joe Montana / Sol Y Sombra EP (8bit)
V.A. / Munich Disco Tech Vol.3 (Great Stuff)
Sideshow Feat. Paul St. Hilaire / If Alone EP (Aus Music)
Felipe Valenzuela / Alicante (Fumalab)
Franco Cinelli / Green & Blue (Esperanza)
Brother's Vibe / Papol / Natural High / Lapidus From Island (Esperanza)
Rockford Inc. / Like A Rock (Roots)
And.ID / Sand On The Floor(Mobilee))
Salvatore Freda & Volta / Jono 6 / Bombolone / Molt In In Basso (Liebe & Detail)
Minimono / Stay Away (Love Letters From Oslo)
Nima Gorji / Einzelkind / I Got Something (Love Letters From Oslo)
Damian Schwartz / El Malo (Oslo)
V.A. / Inversion 6 (Geophone)
Wireman / Armour E.P.(Prime Numbers)
Margaret Dygas / See You Around (Non Standard Productions)




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