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V.A. / Razor Sharp Edits EP3 (Beard Science)
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Tiefschwarz / Simple, Maybe Part 1 (Souvenir Music)
Danilo Schneider / Expose (Brouqade)
Camea / Happy Ending (Clink)
Matt Star / Tony Rohr / 5 Years Part B (Weave)
Minilogue / My Teenager Gang (Mule Electronic)
Andre Kronert / Salzwasserliebe (Ostwind)
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Paul Keeley / King Scrubby (Baroque)
Petar Dundov / Sparkling Stars (Music Man)
DJ Pierre aka Master Blaster / I've Lost Control (Gigolo)
DJ Empty / Meaningless EP (Accidental)
Skylark / Movin (NRK)
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Jens Zimmermann / Compression EP (Snork Enterprises)
Jens Zimmermann / Reduction, Seduction (Harthouse)
Jens Zimmermann / Modmodblubblub (International Freakshow)
Robert Dietz / Fym / Actrice (Be Chosen)
Tom Clark & Benno Blome / Pheromonia (Highgrade)
Kaiserdisco / Pipe! (My Best Friend)
Affkt & Rafa Siles / Cocofai EP (Barraca)
Affkt & Danny Fiddo / El Prologo (Barraca)
Mr.G / Makes No Sense (Rekids)
Michael Forzza / The Tenor And The Monkey (Figure)
Chymera / Sumatra (Figure)
Fabrizio Lapiana / 6 A.M. (Attic Music)
Argy / Day One (These Days)
Marc Romboy / Contrast The Remixes (Systematic)
Luomo / Tessio Remixes (Great Stuff)
FEOS vs MSO / Luv (Level Non Zero)
Pascal FEOS / Generator Child (Level Non Zero)
Crowdpleaser & Ly Sander / Walking Home EP (Drumpoet Community)
Ray Okpara / Swimming To The Moon (Drumpoet Community)
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Laurent X / Machines (House Nation)
Armando / Warehouse Presents The Classics (Warehouse)
Phortune / String Free / Can You Feel The Bass (Hot Mix 5)
Risque Rythum Team / Risque Rhythum (Chicago Connection)
De-Lite / Wild Times (Mayday Mix) (Circa Records)
New Deep Society / Warehouse (Days Of Glory) (Critical House Records)
Fallout / The Morning After (Fourth Floor)
51 Days / Paper Moon (Touche)
Fingers Inc featuring Chuck Roberts / Can You Feel It (Desire)
Hercules / 7 Ways (Dance Mania)
Marco Carola / Bloody Cash (Plus 8)
Nu / Mo'Joe / Voca / Under Palm Trees (White)
Reboot / Sidekick EP (Below)
V.A. / Sampler EP (Kailash)
V.A. / 100 (Get Physical)
Der Dritte Raum / Swing Bop (Save To Disc)
2000 And One / Heritage (100% Pure)
Loco Dice / Remixes Pt.2 (Desolat)
Loco Dice / Remixes Pt.1 (Desolat)
Joe Montana / The Secret (3rd Floor )
Paul Ritch / Evil Laff (Wagon Repair)
Discogs / Real Love EP (Wagon Repair)
M.in & YNK & Bastian Schuster / New Orleans EP (Off)
Jamy Wing / Que Pasa EP (Off)
Andre Crom & Luca Doobie / Park Life EP (Off)
Mirco Violi & Fabio Gianelli / Japan Woman EP (Off)
They Came From The Stars I Saw Them / Moon Song (Thisisnotanexit)
Rogue Cat / Magic Journey (Tiny Sticks)
April March / Attention Cherie (Out Hear Audio)
Born Ruffians / Remixes (Warp)
Wild Rumpus / Rock The Joint (Bitches Brew)
The Mole / For The Lost (Internasjonal)
Social Disco Club / Clap Pat Clap Slap (Mindless Boogie)
2000 And One / Heritage (100% Pure)
Smith & Mudd / The Delivery Man (Claremont 56)
Mudd & Pollard / Scaffold / Tako Yaki (Claremont 56)
Smith & Mudd / 24/7 (Claremont 56)

はぐれ狼からのリクエストが入荷してますね~!これは好きそう!というか2000 And Oneの4枚組み良すぎですね。。欲しい。。YHさんが待ちわびていたFeistのブートも最高すぎ。。リエディット系もカチカチ山系も大充実ですね!チェックだけでも大変です!こうなったら今日の一曲にいくしかない!ドーン!


by SBT


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