おはようございます!数時間前までGOODYという僕やJACK WARRIROSのKeita君がDJをやっているパーティがありまして、なんとHMさんとYHさん、MIX-CDも大好評なDJ KANBEさんが御寿司を持って遊びに来てくれました!クラブで食べる御寿司は本当に絶品ですね。上半身裸で食べる人も居て最高でした!HMさん、YHさん、DJ KANBEさんご馳走様でした!御寿司も最高でしたが、パーティも最高でした。そして入荷も最高です!ドーン!

Ben Klock / One (Ostgut Tontrager)
Djebali / Cali EP (Freak n' Chic)
Omar-S / Blow Valvetrain (Sound Signature)
Omar-S / Psychotic Photosynthesis (FXHE Records)
Ilija Rudman / Rayko & F.Pineda / Wanting You / Walk The Night (Rare Rare Wiri Records)
Dan Black / Yours (Polydor)
Art Bleek / Exposed (Klakson)
Kink & Neville Watson / Full Flight (Hour House Is Your Rush Records)
Flo Crew / And Our Love (Beautiful Granville Records)
The Utopia Project / File (Nu Groove)
Unit Moebius / The Golden Years Part 1 (Clone Classic Cuts)
Flight / Steve Poindexter / Let's Get Jazzy / Work That Mutha Fucker (White)
V.A. / Underground Classic Trax #130 (Underground Classic Trax)
Laurent X / Machines (House Nation)
Armando / Warehouse Presents The Classics (Warehouse)
Phortune / String Free / Can You Feel The Bass (Hot Mix 5)
Risque Rythum Team / Risque Rhythum (Chicago Connection)
De-Lite / Wild Times (Mayday Mix) (Circa Records)
New Deep Society / Warehouse (Days Of Glory) (Critical House Records)
Fallout / The Morning After (Fourth Floor)
Koushik / Out My Window (Stones Throw)
Downtown Party Network / Days Like These (Eskimo Recordings)
Zombi / Saphirre (Throne Of Blood)
Wild Rumpus / Rock The Joint (Bitches Brew)
Rogue Cat / Magic Journey (Tiny Sticks)
April March / Attention Cherie (Out Hear Audio)
V.A. / 100 (Get Physical)
Der Dritte Raum / Swing Bop (Save To Disc)
Joe Montana / The Secret (3rd Floor)
Peace Division / Three Corners EP (8bit)
Livio & Roby vs Gerorge G / Part 1 (Cecille Numbers)
Kreon / Jack EP (Cecille Numbers)
Mick Thammer / Sweep (Puzzle Traxx)
Robert Dietz / The Green Light EP (Deep Vibes)
Stimming / Short Story (Freerange)
Bruno Pronsato / Minimono / That S Amore EP (Bosconi)
David K / Bento Box Vol. 2 (Freak n' Chic)
Simone Tavazzi / Playmobil 6 (Playmobil)
Paul Ritch / Evil Laff (Wagon Repair)
Discogs / Real Love EP (Wagon Repair)
V.A. / Pop Ambient 2009 (Kompakt)
Kuniyuki / Remixed, Vol.4 (Mule Musiq)
Bonar Bradberry / Beat The Bed (Red Music)
Mark E & Dragon / Good Times (Internasjonal)
Spencer Parker & Diesel Pres. Co-Lab / Zanzibar (Saved Records)
Asli / Jay Tripwire / Collection Of Moods Part 4 (Real Tone)
Agnes / Love Tempo (Sthlmaudio)
Will Saul & Mike Monday / Zippo (Buzzin' Fly)
Buck / Portyeza (Motivbank)
DJ Wild / Wild Tools (Motivbank)
Ion Ludwig / Transonoir (Motivbank)
Maetrik / Choose Your System (Treibstoff)
Dusty Kid / Lynchesque (Boxer)
Speedy J / Edlx Tool (CLR)
Marco Resmann / Sao Paulo Lights (Upon You)
Catz 'N Dogz / Sunset In The East (Mothership)
Catz 'N Dogz / SF & 2 (Mothership)
Dubbyman / Dubless EP (Yore)
Crowdpleaser & Ly Sander / Walking Home EP (Drumpoet Community)
Willie Graff & Tuccillo / When The Sun Goes Down (Drumpoet Community)

いや~、Ben Klockのアルバムヤバイですね。ハウス古典のお祭り状態も見逃せないし、Koushikのアルバム再入荷も嬉しい!月曜からトばしますね。こうなったらもう今日の一曲へいくしかない!

いいですよね、Nite Jewel。。っていうか出勤しなきゃヤバい!ジョンピー!

by SBT


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