おはようございます!昨日はS.Diveでしたね!僕は行けませんでしたが・・・セイント先生がどんなDJをされたかも気になるところなので、後日感想を聞きたいと思います。取り急ぎ、今週もいいのがいっぱい!Golden Girl最高!Runawayのも最高!そんな入荷情報をお届け!ドーン!

DJ Nobu / Technooticunxxx (Future Terror)
DJ Nobu / Last Call Mix Vol.3 (Future Terror)
Golden Girl / Skinetic (White)
Runaway / Poltergeist / Don't Block The Box (On The Prowl)
V.A. / Moments Of A Crisis - Sampler 02 (I'm A Cliche)
Ruf Dug / Dirty (PPF Special Ops)
Ashley Beedle / Railroad Man / Everything Is OK (Cosmic Boogie)
V.A. / Cosmic Boogie (Cosmic Boogie)
Brandt Brauer Frick / Iron Man (Tartelet)
Kenton Slash Demon / Kathabbi (Tartelet)
Sante / Dambalaa (Souvenir Music)
Adam Port / Boogie Bass (Souvenir Music)
Kabale Und Liebe / Hot Pants (100% Pure)
Kabale Und Liebe / Miami Nice / Flodder (100% Pure)
Alejandro Mosso / Somebody (Lomidhigh Organic)
V.A. / Organic City EP (Lomidhigh Organic)
Gonzales aka Gurtz / La Boca EP (Lomidhigh Organic)
Andreas Jornvil / OMG! EP (Lomidhigh Organic)
Alejandro Mosso / GVA / MDZ EP (Lomidhigh Organic)
Boola / Astroceva EP (Lomidhigh Organic)
Unknown Artist / Traversable Wormhole Vol.3 (Traversable Wormhole)
Unknown Artist / Traversable Wormhole Vol 2 (Traversable Wormhole)
Chris Rob / Ian Friday feat. Erro / Ghetto People / Everything (Tea Party Music)
Alex Finkin & Reverend P. feat. Jocelyn Mathieu / Fight For Love (Tea Party Music)
Roland Clark & Seal Vybe / See The Light (Steal Vybe)
Soft Rocks / The Soft Rocks(Black Disco)
Azoto / San Salvador(Vedette Records)
Bim Marx & Master Kahan / Lend A Hand(Love For Music)
Trickski / Lost Jams(Love For Music)
Andy Ash / Carnival De L'sprit(Love For Music)
Jerome Derradi Vs Ok Ma / SOS(Love For Music)
Ferdinand Laurin & Carsten Rausch / Ashido EP(Vivid)
Flowing / The Bluesman EP(Vivid)
Chopstick & Till Von Sein / Ten EP(Baalsaal)
Till Von Sein / Ovas(Dirt Crew)
Slam / Rejected / Dead Dog Bounce / Peanuts(Figure)
Michael Forzza / The Tenor And The Monkey(Figure)
A.D.M. / Granada(Bouq)
Solo / Zombie Disco Squad / Congo Fire EP(Dirtybird)
Sebo K & Metro / Saxtrack(Cecille)
Ray Okpara / Ebele EP(Cecille)
Markus Fix / It Depends On You EP(Cecille)
Sis / Nesrib(Cecille)
Sis / Mas O Menos(Titbit Music)
Sis / Bubu(Mitu)
Sercan / Acuerdate EP (Mitu)
Jens Zimmermann / x12 (Resopal)
Michel Cleis / East Of Eden (Supplement Facts)
Werner Niedermeier / Talking Back EP (Supplement Facts)
Jacuzzi Boys / Check That Body EP (Below)
Rhythm Of Elements / Praia (R2)
Collen & Webb / Give Me A Call (G.A.M.M.)
Mad Mats / The Blue Eyed Soul EP (G.A.M.M.)
The Hasbeens / I Fall To Pieces (Frustrated Funk)
Heckman & Butch / Silverscreen & Mushroom Man (AFU Ltd)
Edit-Select / Len Faki / Berghain 03 - Pt.2 (Ostgut Tontrager)
Tony Lionni / Radio Slave / Berghain 03 - Pt.1 (Ostgut Tontrager)
West Indian Girl / Solar Eyes (Rong Music)
Vegard Wolf Dyvik / Rogn I Pasan EP (Rong Music)
Tal M Klein presents The Disco Builders / Don't Look Back EP (Aniligital Music)
Tal M. Klein & Anthony Mansfield / Disco Villainy (Aniligital Music)
TBD / What Is This / I Don't Know (TBD Sounds)
Dicky Trisco / Come To Me / Rip It Dub (Disco Deviance)
Out In The Stick / Forget Me Vox / Do It (Disco Deviance)
Disco Deviance / Situation Edits (Disco Deviance)
Boogie Corporation / Magnetificect Disco (Disco Deviance)



TK軍団Asai君のパーティでJACK WARRIORSがぶちあがります!KEITA君やアンドリー君たちと一緒に行ってきます!楽しみ!またてぺたん達にも会える!そして来週はいよいよこちら!







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